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2 Part Dual Fuel Starter Kit

2 Part Dual Fuel Starter Kit


Bring uniformity to your plant growth with our available to use 2 part dual fuel starter kit.


This 2 part Dual Fuel Starter kit makes it possible to start your garden easy with all of the right nutrients to assist you in achieving maximum yields.

Nutrient Type
Base Nutrients

Base & Additive Nutrients

Growth Stage

Flowering & Vegetative Stage

Fertilizer Type
Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid Fertilizer

For Use In
Continuous Liquid Feed Program

Soil/Soilless – COCO

Hydro – CLF

2 Part Dual Fuel Starter Kit Includes the Following

2 Part Dual Fuel
Massive Bloom Formulation
Liquid Weight

Our 2 Part Dual Fuel Starter Kit contains nutrients you need to grow from seed to harvest.

Dual Fuel is our 2 part base nutrient that is straightforward and easy to apply. Regardless if you are a newbie or master grower, dual fuel can be adjusted to the needs of your grow.

Massive Bloom Formulation is our finest flowering additive intended to promote budding, facilitates bulking, and the ripening of flowering plants.

Rezin is our terpene enhancer formed to heighten the natural cycle within flowering plants that provide flavor and fragrance.

Liquid Weight is our combination of simple and complex carbohydrates that help the plant and useful microbial life in the root zone; having said that, it heads to an improvement in the absorption of vital nutrients that promote progress and impressive flowers and fruits.

Vitathrive Propagation Solution is developed to strengthen the plant’s well-being and maintain vital functions. It is a complete additive combination of vitamins and minerals formulated for the vegetative phase of plant growth and process.

The 2 Part Dual Fuel Kit is a handy, simple, and available to use kit to assist you to get your plants and crops to grow well. The 2 Part Dual Fuel Starter kit is available with 500ml bottles of Dual Fuel and an assortment of our most distinct additives to support you maximize your yields.

The STARTER KIT CONTAINS everything you need to get started.

Base Nutrients

1x 500ml Dual Fuel 1&2

Additive Nutrients

1x 500ml Vitathrive

1x 500ml Rezin

1x 500ml Massive

1x 500ml Liquid Weight

This kit includes the required nutrients to serve the Dual Fuel Feed Program. Point to the Dual Fuel Feed Program for administration measures through each week of plant growth for every product.


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